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Natural habitats of great beauty, heritage resources of great architectural and cultural richness and perfect places to get lost and rediscover lost intimacy.

The Natural Park of "Les Capçaleres del Ter i del Freser", located in the Ripollès region, includes the easternmost high mountain areas of the Catalan Pyrenees, corresponding to the mountain ranges that form the headwaters of the rivers Ter and Freser.
It is a territory with a remarkable geographical complexity and great diversity of landscapes; factors that, added to an important extension and considerable amplitude of altitude, allow us to enjoy the geological structures, ecosystems, habitats and plant communities, species and wonderful landscapes of this area of the Pyrenees.

Enjoying the mountains

Vall de Ribes is much more than a valley located in the heart of the Catalan Pyrenees. It is a complete tourist destination that allows us to enjoy all seasons of the year. Within the valley you can practice many activities for all levels and take the opportunity to get in full contact with the mountain nature in a totally respectful way.

Take advantage of your stay in Vall de Ribes to perceive the positive sensations in all your senses that being surrounded by mountains brings us: calm, fascination, silence, liberation, attraction, desire, respect, reflection, beauty, curiosity, passion, contemplation, humility, pride, disconnection, happiness, joy, self-esteem, ..

Enjoying the forests

If we have the possibility of taking daily walks in the woods, we have a great treasure. Walking through a green environment amidst the lush trees, enjoying the calm, the birds singing, the murmur of the water moving in its channel, the rustle of the leaves of the trees that seem to speak to us, carefully observe the movement of the clouds through the branches of the trees, all this greatly benefits our mind and our health.

Lie down in the forest to contemplate the magnificence of the trees, leave your problems behind and let the forest flood you with its grandeur.

Observation of flora and fauna

In the Ribes Valley you can get in direct contact with nature, observing it from the front row. Get in touch with our natural environment, paying attention to every detail, letting nature take center stage.

The benefits of being in contact with nature have been known since ancient times, acting directly on our mind and body, giving us a great sense of wellbeing.
Our whole organism will be grateful for it, activating an abundant pleasure and the resurgence of positive emotions.

Visiting cultural centers

Catalan culture has developed over the centuries a singular and universal identity. Its innovative character, creativity, capacity to absorb different influences and the values of coexistence and tolerance have forged a culture that is both national and cosmopolitan. The new currents of art and thought traditionally penetrate with force in Catalonia, thanks to the geographical situation of the country, open to the countries of the Mediterranean and Europe, and also thanks to the attraction and the pioneering spirit that Barcelona generates.

Other activities

time to disconnect!

Doing healthy activities that are beneficial to your physical and mental health will enable you to fully enjoy life.

It will produce a beneficial psychological state and have a certain "philosophy" of life that allows you to enjoy simple things. The balance between a good physical condition, good mental health and a proactive attitude will allow you to lead a full and self-confident life.

Activities to do in the Ribes Valley