"A unique space from which to conduct business tasks, meetings or simply unwind."

why work at Serrat del Vent?

You are looking for a way to escape from your daily routine and comfort zone. In our house we offer you tools to work on your physical and emotional well-being and we give you the opportunity to have an experience to renew yourself, relax and come back with a new perspective.

The fact of working in a natural environment and having what we offer will allow you to achieve your goals, enhancing creativity, individual work and group cohesion in a free, pure and unique way.

what tools do we offer you?

Internet access

High-speed 1GB symmetrical network throughout the house.


Comfort and relaxation in 3 rooms and 1 suite with views of the Pyrenees.

Swimming pool and sauna

Indoor pool, sauna and fully equipped gym.


Outdoor terrace areas and breathtaking views. Endless trails to enjoy from the house.


Personalized activities to activate the body, thaw the joints, find moments of peace and perform "creative resets"


Confidentiality and productivity. Room for meetings and exhibitions, as well as spaces for socializing.

who is the target audience?

  • Individuals
    Freelancers, entrepreneurs and teleworkers looking for a space where they can feel comfortable and quiet
  • Companies
    Work teams that want to perform their tasks in a different space that enhances group cohesion

The teleworking service is included in the usual accommodation in Serrat del Vent. However, if you are interested in coming to our house to focus purely on business tasks, meetings or achievement of objectives , you can contact us and we will make you a special proposal for your work group or company.